Comprehensive dog training through Canine Immersion

What sets Canine Immersion Training apart? At American Canine Academy, we’ve been industry leaders, and the pioneers of our one-of-a-kind board and train program, which has now evolved into Canine Immersion Training—an even more comprehensive program that stands unrivaled in the industry. We guarantee it.

If your dog has little or no previous training, immersion training can address their needs. Immersion is also a great choice for dogs with a history of behavior problems. With our Immersion programs, we take your dog through all of the foundational exercises critical to their overall development. In this way, we do not cut corners. You may find programs that are shorter in length, but lack the depth our programs offer. Overall, our immersion programs offer the best value and yield superior results.

After your pet has completed the immersion program, it is crucial that you are able to incorporate these skills at home. Therefore, in order for them to officially graduate, we’ll schedule a specialized send-home class with you that coincides with their pick-up.

Discover Our Lifetime Canine Guarantee

American Canine Academy knows how much you care about your dog. That’s why we take our responsibility for your canine companion seriously. Our team is backed with over 50 years of combined experience, and we’re a local, family-owned company that is committed to you and your dog in the Denver, Boulder Metro Area.

One way we demonstrate our commitment is with the lifetime canine guarantee. We are so confident in our training and so dedicated to your dog that we want to be your resource for life. With the lifetime canine guarantee, once your pup has completed immersion training, you have access to ongoing training for life.

That’s right. Once your dog completes any of our Immersion Programs, you’re qualified for lifetime canine classes. Bring your dog back for touch-up. Let us help you address any new issues that pop up. We’ll even be happy to provide refresher training.

On-Leash Immersion Program

Unlock Your Dog’s Full Potential with American Canine Academy’s On-Leash Canine Immersion Training

Are you in search of a higher level of obedience and responsiveness for your beloved canine companion? Look no further than our On-Leash Canine Immersion Program. This four-week course is ideal for teaching, and/or refining your dog’s commands and addressing basic behavior issues. You may enroll your dog in our Immersion Program regardless of the amount of previous training they have already had. We train dogs of all breeds.

In our On-Leash Canine Immersion Program, your dog will master essential commands such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, and go to their bed (place command). Alongside voice commands, they will also become proficient in responding to hand signals.

At American Canine Academy, we uphold the highest training standards you’ll find anywhere, and we’re wholeheartedly committed to your dog’s success. Should we deem it necessary to extend their training for perfecting obedience, we’ll do so at no extra cost.

Course enrollment includes a training leash, training collar, comfortable place bed, Send-Home class with course materials, comprehensive progress reports with video, as well as unlimited client support, known as the Lifetime Canine Guarantee. Join us in taking your dog’s training to the next level!

Planning a trip? If you’re planning to board your dog during your travels, why not combine it with valuable training? Let us elevate your dog’s obedience to new heights while they stay with us.

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Off-Leash Immersion Program

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential with American Canine Academy’s Off-Leash Canine Immersion Training

Experience the pinnacle of dog training with our most advanced immersion program. This four-week program empowers your dog to transcend the leash, offering the best value in comprehensive training.

Our Off-Leash Program not only develops and builds a foundation of essential commands and on-leash training, we then take the training to another level by teaching your dog to perform these commands while off-leash. Our expert trainers then take your dog’s skills to the highest level of refinement, with off-leash obedience through voice commands and hand signals.

We’re passionately committed to your dog’s success. If your dog requires additional time to master off-leash obedience, rest assured, we offer extended training at no extra cost.

Give your dog the freedom to excel and explore with our Off-Leash Immersion Program.

Planning a trip? If you’re planning to board your dog during your travels, why not combine it with valuable training? Let us elevate your dog’s obedience to new heights while they stay with us.

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ACA was wonderful to work with. They completely understood our dog and our family's needs. We felt our dog was in good hands and received weekly reports of her progress. We felt like family. We highly recommend this training facility to anybody needing help with their dog.

- Lisa C. via Google